Wednesday, 20 February 2008

DreamSpark - Free Software for Students

This week sees the exciting launch of DreamSpark.

DreamSpark gives stuents all around the world to download the latest design and developer tools that Microsoft has to offer. And the best thing is its all FREE!!!!

So what can you get your hands on?

Visual Studio 2008

Expression Studio

SQL Server 2005

XNA Games Studio & 12-Month XNA Creators Club membership

What do you need?

All you need to get yourself this great bundle of software is the ability to verify that you are in higher education, this can be done with your Athens ID, ISIC number or your university login details.

The place to go to get all this free stuff is:

Thankfully some of the teething troubles that were present on launch day with students not being able to verify that they were in education has thankfully been solved. Thanks to all the guys over at DreamSpark and MS for getting this sorted so fast.

See Bill Gates himself talk about DreamSpark right here.

Find out more by visiting Mark or Ed's blog.

Who said you don't get something for nothing?

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