Friday, 29 February 2008

The Browser & Beyond

Chris Mills of Opera visited MMU today and presented "The Browser and Beyond", a short presentation on web standards, mobile browsers and SVG.

Unfortunatly there were a few technical difficulties in setting up Chris's mac (More reason to install Vista on that baby) and Chris was unable to show us any working demos, however they can be found via his blog.

For everyone at the event, I mentioned XAML which is a mark-up language which allows designers and developers to create brilliant cross browser cross platform, vector graphics and applications much like SVG. The only difference is that XAML is fully supported by IE :p.
Click here for more information on XAML.

XAML is used to create Silverlight applications such as the much loved Silverlight Airlines application which no doubt everyman and his dog have now seen. More info on Silverlight can be found here.

Chris was talking during his presentation about media queries which allow the rezising of various aspects such as collumns depending on page size along with the resizing and removing of pictures if needed. XAML has its own unique solution to this problem using wrap panels, more of which can be found on the XAML site.

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