Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Microsoft Scalable Fabric

Microsoft Scalable Fabric is a new way to manage tasks brought to you by the geniuses at Microsoft Research (MSR).

Rather than minimising or tabbing between each of the applications that are running Scalable Fabric allows you to pull applications to the side of the screen where they are scaled down.

Allowing you to still see all applications that are running on your machine right from your desktop.

A central "focus" area is defined where by dragging an app closer will scale it up and if the app is dragged away it is then scaled down.

One of the really cool things about fabric is that you can then group similar applications that you may be running together, in my screen shot (ace background im sure you'll agree) you can see that ive made an IM app group, consisting of my Skype and digsby chats. By clicking on the group label all o the applications can be brought into the focus area.

Although the app is very cool it does still seem a little buggy, will use it for a couple of days to see how i like it :D

Microsoft Scalable Fabric can be downloaded here.

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