Saturday, 5 July 2008

Imagine Cup 2008 - Paris

"Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable enviroment"
Microsoft and the Imagine Cup has brought the best student competetors from all around the world to take part in the Imagine Cup in Paris, France. With over 1000 student from 60 countries this years Imagine Cup has to be one of the biggest mult-cultural student gathering to ever happen.
Over the past two days the competetors have been competing and presenting projects that have been worked on for the past few months. All the competetors out in Paris are already winner having competed in regional finals within their own contries to get the honour to represent at a world level.

My own team Resolve Evolve Solve, have given our first two presentations for the Software Design invitational, each presentation should last around 20 minutes and display the entry to the judges showing what enviromental problem we solved and how it has been done. I feel that the presentations have gone really well and we will find out later today if we have made it to the semi-finals.

Making it through to the semi-finals would be a truley excellent experience, especially with the high class entries from other contires around the world.

From feed-back after outr first two presentations will deffinatly be put into practice if we make it through to the next round. One point of feedback was to make it much clearer how the EnviroMatch application will generate revenue, using the skinning services offered to our customers. To find out more about our teams Imagine Cup entry visit our website.

So, untill we find out the results of this round fingers will be securly crossed.

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