Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Skydrive goes Live

Skydrive is Microsofts online storage area for .NET passport holders.

I got the chance to use Skydrive whilst it was in beta and felt that it was a really good idea, a storage area that you can connect to no matter where you go, as I usually forget to take my pendrive with me most of time.

Beta has now finished and Skydrive is out in the wild, bigger, badder and new improvements.

Microsoft has upped its online storage capacity for its users from 1Gb to a massive 5Gb which means you can fit near enough anything you want on the internet (so much for my 2Gb USB).
However I seem to remember that you are some what restricted by the file sizes that you can upload, so no putting movies on there (unless you split).

Along with the size increase MS have also added an ActiveX drag and drop function to SkyDrive, gone are the days where you need to use "Browse..." all you do is drag straight from you desktop to the browser window.

Hopefully the SkyDriveteam will replace the ActiveX control with a Silverlight app in the near future.

The only bad point that I can currently see at the moment is that there is no option to map your skydrive account to your desktop. It would have been so nice to be able to see your Skydrive as a logical drive that is displayed in My Computer and then be able to drag and drop files onto the net from here. This is another feature that I think would really get people using the product and will hopefully come in the future.

I think Microsofts Live package is really starting to hot up now and can see Live being a real internet contender, especially if Yahoo! come on board.

Check out the SkyDrive Team's blog here.

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