Friday, 28 March 2008

Google Turns Out The Lights

Those of you from the UK, will have noticed that has "turned out the light" by changing the white background of its site to black.

This has been done to support Earth Hour a global campaign for people all around the world to save energy by turning off their lights from 8pm till 9pm.

However, during some research ino my teams imagine cup entry Matt Duffin brought to the teams attention a site called Blackle which uses a black background on a custom google search to reduce the ammount of energy used by CRT monitors as white backgrounds uses up more energy. To find out more about Blackle go here.

Currently Blackle has currently saved 534,302 Watt hours.

1 comment:

Ina said...

Actually, Blackle can cause increased power consumption, compared to Google, when using certain types of screen.

Plus the extra processing that gets done server-side given that it's using Google Custom Search.

Etc :)

Still a nice idea though