Monday, 5 November 2007

Great Presentation Tools

Zoomit and NLarge are two great tools that can be utalized when doing presentations, each allow you to draw onto the screen to highlight various points of intrest to your guests.

This makes a presentation even more interactive and makes the crowd really feel part of the action. Both have functions allowing you to zoom into the screen, which is especially useful when giving a code demo and you want to get across the importance of a section of code.

Guy Smith Ferrier (Microsoft MVP)discusses both of these peices of software in his blog post NLarge Vs Zoomit, with the opinion that Zoomit is the better of the two products.

Give the software a download and make up your own mind. I for one really like the extras that the software adds to a presentation.

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Rob Burke said...

I've updated NLarge so that it no longer glitches at the start of a zoom, and I've also added some enhanced drawing functionality. However, if Mark and the ZoomIt gang could just give me smooth zooms in AND out, I'd retire NLarge!

For now, however, I think NLarge adds to the professionalism of my presentations by not potentially losing the context of what I'm presenting before or after I draw the audience's attention to something via a zoom.