Monday, 8 September 2008

Live Mesh Applications

This past week Tech Ed Australia has been happening "Down Under", with Imagine Cup winner and renouned blogger Long Zheng keeping us posted on the lastest gossip.

Long has just posted an amazing blog post, showing the world the first sneak peak of Live Mesh Applications.

The Live Mesh apps with be able to be accessed from any location that holds the data from the Mesh account you are signed in with, wether it be the Online Desktop, Mobile Device or any of the synced PC/Mac devices you are sharing you data between.

Not only can you have the same application run in multiple devices and even
just inside a web browser, it also syncs data across all devices
autonomously thanks to the underlying Mesh framework. Furthermore even if
the network is unavailable, due of the way Mesh manages data, the
application’s data and the application itself will still be available with
the latest version of the data it was able to sync.

(From Long Zheng's Post)

Live Mesh is just getting more and more exciting and I can't wait for the announcements from PDC in late October.

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