Sunday, 15 June 2008

WCF + Silverlight Problems (beta2)

After recently installing Silverlight 2 beta 2 I have had a number of problems within Visual Studio, mainly VS crashing when exiting and problems with add/updating WCF services within my projects. Due to the use of WCF services within one of the projects I'm currently working with I needed to find a way of solving this problem and found the idea answer on Tim Anderson's blog.

The basic problem was that when installing the new version of Silverlight, the installer would not update some of the required files. To get around this:

  • Move "Microsoft.VisualStudio.ServicesProxy.dll" from "Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE"

Now, the file has no reference of the dll and will create a new and updated version of Microsoft.VisualStudio.ServicesProxy.dll when you reinstall Silverlight 2 beta 2.

Now, with the library moved from the location uninstall all Silverlight references from "Add/Remove Programs" and reinstall using the install chainer as linked in my previous post.

Doing this actually changes the install size of the "Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008" form 1.14MB to 1.17MB.

Within my Silverlight projects I can now add and update my service references as I would have done previously.


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