Thursday, 24 January 2008

MSP Live Meeting

Last night the world held it's breath as it basked in the glory of the first UK MSP Live Meeting!!

The Live Meeting was some what chaotic to start with multiple people signing in and the ocasional confused call of " ... hello? .... Can you hear me? ...." Which always seem to make me laugh as if nobody could hear you how would they respond?

The meeting was brilliant, it was good seeing Mo, Anna-Liza and Mark via video call and provided a good chance to catch up with all of the MSPs. As part of the Live Meeting various topics were discussed concerning what the MSPs will be doing in the coming months, some of which is still a bit hush hush so I can't be telling all. :-D

However the official Launch of Visual Studio 2008 will be high on the priority list for this term, and events will be based around this launch in March. Check out the heroes comunity for more info on the launch and events surrounding it.

Another aspect of the meeting was overcoming the phantom typist, who must be setting a new world record for the force at which any mortal can hammer on a keyboard! The Phatom continually typed over the meeting and I must admit got a little annoying. Apart from that the usual meeting banter happened, phonecalls, road noises, disconnections, reconnections and my fravourite moment when Ben Nunney and myself hijacked the meeting to broadcast our very own pirate propoganda messages. (all in the name of good old fashioned fun) :p

After the events of the meeting Mark found this video which totally sums up the Live Meeting experience.

Video: Conference Calls

I think someone should draw up some Live Meeting eticete, so that such situations are avoided.

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