Monday, 2 July 2007

How to Create A Microsoft Word 2007 Blog

So, in one of my previous blogs I went through different aspects of blogging using the new version of Microsoft Word now I will show you how easy it is to set up this blog tool in word. I have found using word to blog much more beneficial than just standard blogging tools.

To start of we need to click on the office button, and then New this will bring up the different types of documents that can be created in word. We want to select new blog post if you cannot see this option in the recently used documents as mine is just navigate your way through installed templates to get to it.

As you can see we are now asked if we would like to register an account, which of course we do so select the Register Now option.

This wizard is pretty self explanatory and easy to use, so now wecan click the drop down list and select the type of blogging account. I’m going to choose Blogger as this is where I have my account.

You are now prompted to enter your username and password, I would also advise you to select remember my username and password because as you will see later this will allow you to quickly create a post in the future.

We are now told that we have successfully registered our account, and we can work on our new post. As you can see from the screen dump that we can easily input the title of the post as well as being able to use all the formatting techniques available asif you were creating a standard Word document.

There you go now you’ve seen how easy it is you too can start blogging with Microsoft Word.


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